Find the service that works for you.

At Waterford, our understanding of your specific needs is what makes us one of the leading recruitment firms. Learn more about which of our specialized services is right for you:

Retained Search

Retained Search is when our team partners with yours to focus our full effort and resources on recruiting the best candidate for your identified vacancy. With mutual trust and commitment, a portion of the fee is paid upfront and the remainder is due only when the search is completed and the ideal candidate is hired. Learn More.

Contingency Search

A contingency search by definition means that we only collect a fee if we recruit and place a suitable candidate. This type of search is 100% “back end” loaded, so regardless of the number of qualified candidates presented, if none are hired you are charged nothing. This gives our customers the ability to use our services at no risk to them. Learn More.

HR Consulting

HR Consulting: As trusted advisors we have an experienced team with CHRP’s on staff and a network of human resources professionals that can be called upon to assist in complicated projects. We help companies gain knowledge and exposure to leading practices while offering a helping hand in navigating the ever changing HR terrain. Learn More.

When to Use Retained Search?

For organizations that are looking for a top-level employee – management level and above – Retained Search offers you a dedicated partner who will not stop working to fill a position until the selected candidate has started. According to your needs, you may prefer the advantages of retained search over contingency search:

  • Waterford focuses your needs and the criteria you’ve determined to fill the position.
  • Our experienced Recruiter will drastically limit the number of searches he/she works on in order to give the retained search undivided attention.
  • Waterford will strive to make sure we are tailoring our candidate search to a specific opening.
  • Retained search targets individuals who are not actively seeking move, but who may be interested if approached properly about your opportunity.
  • Waterford also has the advantage of being at liberty to connect with your competitors, allowing your organization to access to candidates they would not otherwise been able to recruit.

When to Use Contingency Search?

Naturally everyone at Waterford gives 100% to every order we receive, our commitment to our clients is always top priority. Contingency Searches although have an increased risk of no return on invested energy and resources, if the recruiter needs to work on 5-7 Contingency orders instead of 1-2 Retained orders to make sure their monthly goals are met obviously less time can be devoted to each individual search order. Having said this there are definitely instances where a Contingency search would be a more appropriate option. For organizations that need a lower to mid level employee but don’t have the resources or time to perform an adequate search, contingency search is seen as a more appropriate option. The organization can receive information from Waterford or even enlist other firms and can select from among many different individuals to find the best fit for the role although we do not recommend using any more than 2 firms at a time as this just leads to duplication of work and in some cases can confuse candidates.  Both types of searches help to ease the workload of organizations and allow employees to focus on aspects other than recruiting and hiring.

Human Resources Consulting

With Waterford, our partnership doesn’t have to end once your new team member is on board.
We offer a wide range of consulting services, all offered by Certified Human Resource Professionals (CHRPs) in good standing:

  • ​Staffing Optimization
  • Employer Brand Management and Optimization
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Compensation
  • HR Analytics
  • Wellness programs
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Organizational Change
  • HR Alignment
  • Workplace policy development
  • Employee Handbook development
  • Canadian and US payroll and benefits
  • Executive Leadership workshops
  • Hiring and Termination guidance
  • Employee Agreements
  • Employee Performance Improvement plans