Helping you find the right candidate for your industry.

The downward pressure on pricing inflicted by global competitors has brought as much innovation and opportunity to the manufacturing and industrial sectors as it has introduced challenges. To remain competitive in the new global market it is critical to be resourceful and creative. A clear Human Resources strategy is a must for any industry intent on safeguarding their competitive edge. No resource will prove more valuable than your employee roster. And as the talented and inspired are quickly gobbled up, this is the ideal time to examine who among them now number in your employ. It takes more than an ability to identify talent – it requires a knack for securing them.

Telecom.  So recognized, so transparent, so commonplace; yet so complex and vital to the survival (or advancement) of every business.  Never take it for granted.  The principals at Waterford have long standing relationships with numerous companies and employers in the telecommunications industry.  Whether you’re a CLEC, an ILEC, or just a business that realizes the importance of having telecom employees with significant experience and expertise, we can help you.  Since 2002, Waterford has been building its strong Canada-wide network of Telco candidates and has placed a wide variety of candidates into companies ranging from nationally renowned corporations to smaller, locally owned businesses. These relationships have been built on trust, personalized attention, devotion to communicating with and understanding the needs of our clients, and our high level of dependability.  As a result, you can rely on us to present you with perfect Telco candidates for your full-time permanent positions.

One of the fastest growing fields, technology is the backbone of every visionary company. North America is home to some of the most technologically brilliant minds in the world. These are the people whose vision and aspirations will make the ultimate difference between who we are today, and what our world will become.

Sourcing these candidates requires sensitivity and instinct to distinguish the genuinely inventive minds from the creative orators. At Waterford, we consider it our obligation to keep abreast of technological advancements and trends, so that we can recognize where the field is moving, and precisely what people can take you there.

North America is host to a large number of Engineering opportunities. Waterford is a leader in the sourcing of Engineering professionals around the world. We have sourced and relocated candidates from Mexico, Europe, UK, South Africa, Germany, Italy, France to senior level roles in Canada and the United States. Since 2002 we have been placing Engineers of every type, every level and every discipline we have built a database second to none in the industry. Let our experience help you build your Engineering team.

We at Waterford like to give back as best we can. By assisting those in the non-profit/charity sector, we contribute by finding the individuals best suited for the roles needed to keep their organization focused on what matters, raising funds for those in need.