The Automotive industry has traditionally found it difficult to recruit employees with the ability to work across multiple areas as vehicles become increasingly more complex and technical. The growing demand for these skilled candidates, combined with the shortage of highly qualified experienced candidates, has created a challenge for the automotive industry. With automotive technology moving at such a fast pace, the industry needs to recruit and train employees that have the right blend of skills and education to complete these technical jobs. At Waterford Executive, we source the talent automotive companies are looking for to meet the changing needs of technology.

The demand for talent in the aerospace sector is growing every year. Hiring for the aerospace industry requires finding candidates with specialized qualifications and specific skill sets. While most professionals can begin their careers after earning a Bachelor’s degree, many positions in the aerospace industry require a Master’s degree or even a Doctorate. These graduate degrees produce professionals with a focus on specific disciplines such as aerodynamics. At Waterford Executive, we source highly skilled talent specific to the needs of the aerospace industry.

The downward pressure on pricing inflicted by global competitors has brought as much innovation and opportunity to the manufacturing and industrial sectors as it has introduced challenges. To remain competitive in the new global market it is critical to be resourceful and creative. A clear talent acquisition strategy is a must for any industry intent on safeguarding their competitive edge. No resource will prove more valuable than your employee roster. And as the talented and inspired are quickly gobbled up, this is the ideal time to examine who among them now number in your employ. It takes more than an ability to identify talent – it requires a knack for securing them.

North America is host to a large number of Engineering & Technical Consultation opportunities. Waterford Executive is a leader in the sourcing of Engineering & Technical Consultation professionals around the world. We have sourced and relocated candidates from Mexico, Europe, UK, South Africa, Germany, Italy, and France, to senior-level roles in Canada and the United States. Since 2002, we have been placing Engineers and Technical Consultants of every type, every level, and every discipline. We have built a database second to none in the industry. Let our experience help you build your Engineering & Technical Consultants team.

The principals at Waterford Executive have long-standing relationships with numerous employers in the Life Sciences & Healthcare industries. Since 2002, we have built a strong network of Life Sciences & Healthcare candidates and have placed a wide variety of candidates. These relationships have been built on trust, personalized attention, devotion to communicating with and understanding the needs of our clients, and our high level of dependability. As a result, you can rely on us to present you with the best Life Sciences & Healthcare candidates for your full-time permanent positions.

The shift in the energy landscape is creating many opportunities for people looking for a career in the Renewables & Environmental industry. The renewable-energy industry focuses on renewable energy technologies. This exciting industry offers the opportunity to contribute to the development of new, clean energy sources that will improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Technically complex or academically advanced roles, such as engineering or scientific jobs, require particular degrees or qualifications. At Waterford Executive, we source talent with the required level of education and skills required to fill positions in the Renewables & Environmental industry.

At Waterford Executive, we source the talent required to meet the needs of the Food & Pharmaceutical industries. Responsible for the development and distribution of a wide variety of products and services, the Food & Pharmaceutical industries require an equally wide variety of specialized candidates. From lab scientists, biochemists, and bioengineers to pharmacists and pharmaceutical professionals, we have the industry connections and the skilled candidates for your full-time permanent positions.

The Financial industry offers a variety of job opportunities that require different skill sets. Most jobs in the financial industry require a 4-year degree, and many professionals have an advanced degree in business, math, economics, or statistics. Financial industry roles include: investment banker, underwriter, actuary, portfolio manager, quantitative analyst, securities trader, financial planner, financial analyst, and economic analyst. At Waterford Executive, we source highly skilled talent specific to the needs of the financial industry.