When to Use Retained Search

For organizations that are looking for a top-level employee – management level and above – a Retained Search offers you a dedicated partner who will not stop working to fill a position until the selected candidate has started. According to your needs, you may prefer the advantages of a Retained Search over a Contingency Search:

  • Waterford Executive focuses on your needs and the criteria you’ve determined to fill the position
  • Our experienced Recruiter will drastically limit the number of searches he/she works on in order to give the Retained Search undivided attention
  • Waterford Executive will strive to make sure we are tailoring our candidate search to a specific opening
  • A Retained Search targets individuals who are not actively seeking to move, but who may be interested if approached properly about your opportunity
  • Waterford Executive also has the advantage of being at liberty to connect with your competitors, allowing your organization to access candidates they would not otherwise have been able to recruit